Sunday, December 6, 2015

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The SEI Sustainability Committee comprises some amazing individuals. We are practitioners, academics, and product experts who share a common goal for improving the sustainability of structures. Over the next few months we hope to introduce our membership and explore their unique passions for sustainable structures.

The interests of those pictured above are diverse. Here's a sample, from upper left to lower right:

  • Erica Fischer is researching methods for incorporating building fires into life cycle assessment evaluations and advocates for consideration of disaster resiliency in designing a sustainable built environment.
  • Laura Dolak is focused on minimizing thermal bridging through better steel shelf angle design and new materials like aerated autoclaved concrete (AAC).
  • Mark Webster emphasizes the urgency of addressing climate change now and is particularly interested in building and material reuse and design for building full lifecycle.
  • Ken Maschke in interested in adaptive reuse for all sound structures.
  • Dave DeLong is interested in generating practical sustainable design standards, particularly with regard to improved thermal efficiency of the building envelope.
  • Lauren Wingo is interested in whole building life cycle assessment and design of cross-laminated timber as a carbon-sequestering alternate to traditional structural materials.

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