The committee has officially been publishing articles about sustainability for structural engineers since 2007! When including the works of individual committee members, the body of work is even more prolific. Please browse the library of publications below.

Magazine Articles

Carbon Reduction
Structure Magazine, June 2015
Environmental Declarations and Structures
Structure Magazine, March 2015
The Choices that Matter
Civil & Structural Engineer, November 2014
Climate Reality: A Structural Engineering Challenge
Civil & Structural Engineer, February 2014
Structure and Carbon
Structural Engineer, February 2013
Sustainable Fabric-Formed Concrete Connects Riverwalk
Civil & Structural Engineer, December 2012
Lifecycle Assessment - Coming Your Way Soon
Civil & Structural Engineer, October 2012
Sustainability from a Fundamental Perspective
Civil & Structural Engineer, August 2012
Infrared Images of Structural Thermal Bridging
Civil & Structural Engineer, June 2012
Fly Ash in Concrete: No Worries
Civil & Structural Engineer, April 2012
Thermal Bridging Solutions: Minimizing Structural Steel's Impact on Building Envelope Energy Transfer
Modern Steel Construction, March 2012
Structural Engineer, February 2012
Structural Engineer, December 2011
Structural Engineer, October 2011
Structural Engineer, August 2011
Structural Engineer, June 2011
Structural Engineer, April 2011
Structure Magazine, March 2011
Structural Engineer, February 2011
Structural Engineer, December 2011
What do the EPA and 'high-volume' mean for fly ash use in concrete?
Structural Engineering & Design, October 2010
Structural Engineering & Design, September 2010
Structural Engineering & Design, August 2010
Structural Engineering & Design, June 2010
Structural Engineering & Design, April 2010
Structure Magazine, March 2010
Structural Engineering & Design, February 2010
Structure, January 2010
Structure, December 2009
Structure, June 2009
Structural Engineer, March 2009
Structure, March 2009
Structure, January 2009
Structural Engineer, September 2008
Structural Engineer, June 2008
Structural Engineer, March 2008
Structural Engineer, December 2007
Structural, September 2007
Structural Engineer, September 2007
Structural Engineer, June 2007
Structural Engineer, March 2007

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